Alessandro Redaelli graduated in editing at I.I.SM. Dudovich and in new media at Luchino Visconti cinema school of Milan. He is a director and editor since 2009, he has directed and edited several short and medium-length films distributed internationally ( "Shock - My Abstraction of Death"; "Pray for Diamonds"; "POE Pieces of Eldritch") and several videoclips for the Milanese indie and hip-hop scene. He has also edited several feature films, including "P.O.E. Project of Evil" and "Red Krokodil", released in Italian cinemas. His first feature film is Funeralopolis - A Suburban Portrait, an indipendent documentary produced by K48 and Vice Studios about the suburbs of Milan. He works as a film and videogame critic with online publications including Spaziofilm, Through the Black Hole and VR Italia.
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